Jason Wang

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About Me

Hello! I am currently pursuing a BS in Theoretical Mathematics at The Ohio State University with minors in Computer Science, Statistics, and Quantitative Economics. My educational background and practical experience have equipped me with strong analytical skills and the ability to provide insights using modern software tools.

Outside of school, I enjoy listening to music and playing the drums. My favorite bands are Chon, Periphery, Polaris, Born of Osiris, and August Burns Red. Click here for a drum demo I wrote in my previous band. Feel free to send me a message if you need a drummer. Thanks for swinging by! :)

Data Analytics Projects

Project One Image

Housing Market 🏠

Predicting house prices

Project Two Image

Citi Bike 🚲

Optimizing bike allocation

Project Three Image

Online Sales 📈

Assessing Ad strategy

Project Four Image

Covid-19 🦠

Visualizing Covid spread


Google Data Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics

Bloomberg Market Concepts

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1


What sparked your interest in mathematics and computer science?

"My fascination with problem-solving and the logical beauty underlying both fields sparked my interest in mathematics and computer science. I was captivated by how mathematical principles could precisely explain patterns and phenomena in the world around us. This curiosity led me to explore computer science, where I discovered the power of algorithms and programming in creating innovative solutions. Their potential to drive advancements in technology and data analytics solidified my passion and motivated me to pursue these disciplines academically and professionally."

How would your friends describe you?

"My friends would describe me as a positive and approachable person who is always willing to lend a helping hand. They often commend my enthusiasm and optimism, which create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. I am known for being a good listener and providing thoughtful advice, making it easy for others to confide in me. Additionally, my collaborative nature and ability to work well in diverse teams are qualities that my friends and peers frequently appreciate. Overall, they see me as someone who brings energy, kindness, and a cooperative spirit to any group or situation."

Can you share a valuable lesson you've learned?

"A valuable lesson I've learned is the importance of adaptability and a positive mindset in the face of challenges. During a demanding project, unexpected obstacles required us to pivot our approach multiple times. Initially, this felt overwhelming, but I realized that staying flexible and maintaining a positive attitude helped me navigate the changes and inspired my team to stay motivated. This experience taught me that embracing change and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth can lead to innovative solutions and personal development."